Lover Full Movie Review And Rating

Lover Full Movie Review And Rating

Cast : Raj Tarun, Riddhi Kumar

Director : Anish Krishna

Producers : Harshith Reddy

Music: Ankit Tiwari

DOP: Sameer Reddy

Editor : Prawin Pudi

Lover Story:

Raj (Raj Tarun) is a bike customization mechanic. His elder brother (Rajeevi Kankala) is loyal goon with his friend (Subbaraju) who is a local rowdy. Raj falls in love with a nurse Charitha(Riddhi Kumar).

By the time Charita reciprocates to Raj’s love, a problem arises at her hospital involving Rajeev. Raj is struck between brother and lover. How he saves his lover and hospital forms the rest of the story.

Lover Review:

Lover is regular romantic entertainer with action and comedy. However, the presentation of Annish Krishna is somewhat fresh and entertaining. First half is all about how Raj woos heroine. It’s fun with lighter witty comedy, romantic scenes and peppy songs. Twist in the tale comes by interval and things get bit dramatic.

Second half is set in Kerala. The episode can be thoroughly enjoyed. Unnecessary introduction of mafia backdrop is not given a proper justification. Some silly scenes make it a weary watch, which could have been avoided. Rushed climax with heavy action sequence is not upto the mark.


Raj Tharun’s makeover looks fresh. Romantic part in first half is cakewalk while he carried the mass action avatar in the second half also well. Riddhi Kumar makes cool debut. She delivers an impressive performance and has a long way to go. Rajeev Kanakala shines in a significant role. Subbaraju is good too. Sachin Khedekar doesn’t have a meaty role.


Music is the big asset of the film. Almost all the songs are good and are lavishly filmed. The film has appealing visuals with top-notch camera work. Kerala beauty is artistically captured. Anish Krishna needs a pat on his back for his fresh treatment of routine story.

Bottom-line: Lover – routine but entertaining

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