Wild Card entry at Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss has astounded everyone with a double bonanza in the previous week. The audience had shocked by dual nominations along with unexpected elimination of Nutan Naidu.

Wild Card entry in biggboss house
Wild Card entry in biggboss house

However, As Nani says Em Ina Jaragachu, the show is holding a big surprise for the coming weeks. There were wild-card selections last week and there are chances of a wild-card entry in the upcoming weeks. As commoners are out of the show there will be a new entry from the public.

There are doubts spurring over the wild card entry as the show will end within weeks. However, Will there be a wildcard entry? Does that make any difference to the show? As Pooja Ramachandran entry didn’t boost the content or the housemates? Let’s wait what will happen in the show!!!


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