U Turn Full Movie Review and Rating


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Critic Reviews for The Boxtrolls

U-turn from clichéd thrillers
Rating: 3.25/5


U Turn – Refreshing suspense drama
Rating: 3.25/5


U Turn Full Movie Review and Rating

U-Turn Story:

Rachana(Samantha) is a reporter who is worried with lack of civic sense in public. She starts analyzing commuters psyche in violating traffic rules. As a process, she finds that some people are taking U-turn at RK Puram flyover against rules to cut-short their journey.

Rachana’s life takes U-turn as she starts encountering strange incidents. She is booked in a case and her personal life gets disturbed. Police officer Nayak(Aadhi Pininsetty), a police officer investigates the happenings and tries to help Rachana. Will Rachana come out of the mess? Will she find out who and what is behind those strange things? Curious to know, watch U-Turn at nearest theaters.

U-Turn Review:

U-Turn is a thriller with unconventional narrative. Concept is fresh and execution is equally different. U-turn has a engrossing screenplay with surprising twists that keep audience on edge-of-the-seat.

The film takes off on slow note and it takes convenient time to get into actual story. Interval gives solid jolt to the audience. Suspense element is well maintained that it drives the curiosity till the climax.

The ambience and mood is set so realistic that it gives an absorbing experience to the audience. Some logical loopholes could have been avoided. Factious paranormal activity in the climax is not given proper justification that it leaves an underwhelming feel.


Samantha succeeds yet again in a challenging role and her makeover adds to it. She is outstanding with intense performance in crucial junctures of the story. Dubbing herself may sound weird at places but is natural to the role.

Aadhi Pinisetty is apt as cop with suave looks and subtle performances. Rahul Ravindran is decent in his role. Bhumika excels in a brief yet vital role.


U-turn is technically well made having produced on a shoe-string budget. The pulsating background score enhances the thriller feel of the film. Cinematography is brilliant as it makes the film racing and exciting. Production design is big asset of the film that it gives a realistic experience as if watching some real life incident on TV. Pawan Kumar succeeds in delivering a refreshing thriller.

Bottom-line: “U-turn from clichéd thrillers”

Cast : Samantha, Aadhi,  Bhumika Chawla

Director : Pawan Kumar

Producers : Srinivasa Chitturi; Rambabu Bandaru

Music: Poornachandra Tejaswi

Cinematographer : Niketh Bommireddy

Editor: Suresh Armugam

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