Top Three Contestants of Biggboss Season 2

The final step of Biggboss house is just a few days away and the house is prepping up for the ticket to finale round once again.

Due to the contestants’ disregard behaviour towards captaincy task, The Biggboss has nominated every housemate for this week nominations. With this nominations, each contestant fan base outside the house will be crystal clear to their respective fan groups.

top 3 contestants of biggboss season 2
top 3 contestants of biggboss

Coming to the finale there are many doubts on the top three contestants in the house. Though Shyamala and Amit didn’t mention Kaushal in top three. however, Kaushal can make it to the list as he has a huge fan base outside the house and expressive game strategies in the house.

The next may be Deepthi and Geetha or Tanish. There is a very close variation in the number of votes between Tanish and Geetha. However, this is according to the public pole. The game might change in accordance with today’s Ticket to Finale task.


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