Top Three Contestants Fixed in Biggboss house

Biggboss Telugu season 2 has entered into the last week of the season. Roll Rida has been evicted in the last but one week! Coming to the finale week only three will be making it to the Biggboss Finale stage.

The Top three contestants as per the audience voting can be Kaushal, Deepthi, and Geetha; whereas Tanish and Samrat are owning a very minimal variation to reach the Finale stage.

Journey of Kaushal in Biggboss House (1)

However, Kaushal and Deepthi are topping the chart, while Kaushal has got a huge fan base from Telugu states to the USA whereas it is evidently proved that Deepthi has got a digital media agency to support her.

Let’s see will Star Maa count Deepthi fake votes or it will take any step to curb the violation of rules for managing votes outside the house.


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