Three People Planning To Kill Pawan Kalyan ?

Pawan Kalyan made startling revelation in his speech at public meeting in Eluru on Thursday. The Jana Sena chief said that some leaders are planning to kill him before upcoming elections.

“Three rowdysheeter politicians are conspiring to murder me, said Pawan. They don’t want me to contest in 2019 elections. I know them very well but I don’t know which party is backing them,” said he. Pawan slammed Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni that he is facing criminal charges in various cases. “Chintamaneni is a rowdysheeter who involved in several criminal activities in Eluru,” said Pawan.

A newspaper also reported that Chintamaneni’s followers went to the hotel where Pawan Kalyan stayed in Eluru to attack him. Police have taken them into custody and interrogated.



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