This body part of RASHMI is her Jabardasth asset!

Rashmi Gautam’s unforgettable sexy song from Guntur Talkies continue to be a rage on youtube. The actress promises even more sizzling treat in her upcoming movie ‘Anthaku Minchi’. Guess the title also boasts the same!

Posters with Rashmi flashing her thunderous thighs are stirring the hearts of her fans. Makers seem to completely bank on Rashmi’s glamour. In a press meet, Rashmi was seen saying people are raving about her thighs but not her performance.

A famous journalist said that her skirts will be even more shorter in the movie and Rashmi was seen blushing.

The buxom beauty seems to be proud of her thighs as she tweets that someone should insure her thighs as it her Jabardasth asset. Remember Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez insured her butt wayback when she was in limelight.

rashmi gautam anthaku minchi


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