Star Maa Concentrating on Kaushal for TRP

Biggboss television reality show is changing its track and bumped into fans mania, this is what commoners are feeling right now watching the show. The reality show has reached a tempo in the TRP once Kaushal has been the target point by Kiriti in the first few weeks. Though, the housemates unconsciously targeting Kaushal it is growing an advantage to the show organizers and TV Channel.

Kaushal has the highest fan groups in social media compared with other contenders in the house, this is being encashed by the channel authorities. All promos releasing are Kaushal centric. The promos are exaggerating and targeting Kaushal army.

Coming to the latest episode of ‘Telephone task’, Deepthi Sunaina has provoked Kaushal on a telephone conversation. Soon reacting to the Sunaina behaviour with Kaushal, his army is reporting on Sunaina social accounts to respective authorities, which may lead to terminating her account.

The Kaushal army is showing major impact in the show that all the eliminations are also decided by the fan group admin. The show organizers couldn’t help the default system to control the fan groups.There is no exaggeration is saying that Kaushal may win the title. However, a set of audience losing interest on the show as it is completely centric towards one contender.


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