Sri Reddy makes sensational allegations on RP


In her enduring war against casting couch and sexual exploitation in the film industry, Sri Reddy drops bomb on veteran actor Rajendra Prasad. The actress made sensational allegations against the veteran actor. Sri Reddy recollected how an actress left Telugu film industry having faced sexual harassment from Rajendra Prasad.

Sri Reddy shares a gossip video circulating in youtube. According to it, the actress was Malvika who paired Rajendra Prasad in Apparao Driving School. While shooting for the film, Rajendra Prasad is said to have misbehaved with her by inappropriately touching her and kissing her unwantedly for a  romantic scene.

Malvika had to oblige to producers request to complete the film and vowed never to act in Tollywood. Sri Reddy further said that many such actresses beared sexual harassment of Rajendra Prasad. She also questioned why his daughter had left his house.

“Mr.rajendra pichadu ,Why u came out from maa association with in 6 months every one knows, Why heroine malavika left the movie industry every one much u irritate lady artists for the sexual favours every one knows..why your daughter ran away from your house every one knows..why actress hema fought with u??I respect u as a senior actor but not a human being..” shared Sri Reddy on her social networking page.

Sri Reddy has extended her support to Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta who made similar allegations against Nana Patekar. Sri Reddy will be participating in a CNN debate in this regard. Meanwhile, the actress met film critic Kathi Mahesh. She shared selfie with Kathi provoking Pawan Kalyan fans writing,”Evarni chuste pk fans ki raktham vudikipodho vade kathi gadu..”

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