Samrat Shares Kaushal Success Mantra

Kaushal has won the Biggboss title and the actor is witnessing huge gatherings at store launches. The model is busy with his routine and store launches and enjoying the fans mania. On the other hand, the other housemates are becoming the victims of trolling.

Samrat ReddyThe Biggboss show has given many fans to Kaushal and also other housemates, but few anti-fans of housemates are trolling the contestants. There are trolls on Samrat, Tanish and Tejaswi Madivada, etc. Samrat has responded on this and asked housemates to tell their respective fans to stop trolling other contestants.

Samrat shares Kaushal success mantra

Apart from that he also said Kaushal is very clear on his goal, very composed and discipline, I also followed him at one point and his strategies have worked for him and he won the title.


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