Ram Gopal Varma on Tanushree Vs Nana Patekar

#Metoo campaign is creating tremors in Indian film industry, Bollywood to be specific. Actresses are opening up on sexual harrassment they faced on film sets. Tanushree Dutta alleged that she was grabbed and kissed by Nana Patekar a decade ago.

Nana Patekar is moving court filing defamation case and questioning her integrity in raising the issue decade after. However, most actresses have stood up in support of Tanushree and many others joined the metoo campaign by revealing their sexploitation stories. Vanita Nanda accused Sanskaari actor Alok Nath to have raped her.

Ram Gopal Varma who is known to poke his nose quickly into such controversy have just joined the hullabaloo. RGV takes Nana Patekar’s side. Varma made movies like Ab Tak Chappan and 26/11 Attacks of Mumbai. Listen to RGV’s twisted logics on the whole issue..

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