Rajinikanth 2.0 story revealed!

2.0 teaser is on rampage devastating all previous records on social media clocking over 32 million views in less than 24 hours. The spectacular teaser with visual extravaganza has left few clues about the story. Fans and social media geeks are busy connecting the dots to figure out the story of the sci-fi magnum opus. Out of several versions of stories are doing rounds, here is more convincing one for you.

Teaser of 2.0 starts with birds revolving round a mobile tower. We all know how hazardous radiation transmitted by cell network towers. Birds are most endangered species due to mobile towers. So, a mutant monstrous bird offspring played by Akshay Kumar comes to protect birds on the earth. He wages war on human beings who are overusing mobiles. The teaser gives a glimpse of how mobiles flying all over.  Cops to army nobody could combat his super powers.

So, they bring back dismantled robo Chitti with the help of scientist Vaseegara i.e. Rajinikanth. The tagline ‘This world is not only for human beings’ also supports this story. If this story turns out to be any true then 2.0’s plot is based on Sydney Sheldon’s novel ‘Doomsday Conspiracy’ where aliens invade earth as human race is cutting trees destroying environment. We have to wait for the 2.0 to hit screens on November 29th to know the actual story.


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