Police Case filed on BiggBoss Tanish Alladi

Biggboss contestant Tanish Alladi is one of the strong contenders in the show along with Kaushal. He has got into a new trouble once again. Tanish and Kaushal don’t share a friendly term in the house and the actor seizes into an argument with Kaushal in the house every possible time. But this time the Kaushal fans have raised a complaint on him via Twitter.

The reason behind the filing a case is giving warning to Kaushal in the 102nd-day episode. As Kaushal called everyone Kukkalu (Dogs) Tanish said,” Ikkada kabatti ila undi Bayataki vachaka chupistha, Bayataki vachaka choodu em avthundo”.

Fans have raised benefit of doubt on Tanish and their is a threat to Kaushal soon after he comes out of Bigg Boss house.Hyderabad Police has replied to tweet and asked the fan to give written complaint to take further action. Will see what will happen? Where this goes?


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