Pawan Kalyan’s inspiring speech at Dallas

Janasena Pravasa Garjana has been a grand success. Pawan Kalyan addressed huge public rally in Dallas on Saturday night. Thousands of NRIs attended the meeting. Pawan’s inspiring speech filled patriotism in the breeze of United States. He appealed to intellectual immigrants to participate politics and contribute their thoughts for change in politics andona betterment of society. Interestingly, Pawan remained calm and composed throughout his speech unlike his Porata Yatra speech where he gets hyper in emotion.

“I dream big. I dream a better Indian society with facilities on par with USA. When you return back someday you should feel happy, where you can start business easily without lobbying at politicians. Americans should queue up to get Indian visa for jobs. I dream my nation becomes so strong. What’s wrong in dreaming big. I am not dreaming of earning thousands of crores. I am not dreaming of acquiring hundreds of acres of land. I don’t dream of my son becoming CM,” said Pawan.

He concluded his speech on ‘Bharath Mathaki Jai’ note to a roaring applause from the crowd.


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