Pawan Kalyan reacts on Mahaa Murthy allegations

Pawan Kalyan held grand rally in Denduluru as part of his Porata Yatra. He addressed large gathering of public. Jana Sena chief slammed TDP government and CM Chandrababu Naidu. Pawan Kalyan refuted Mahaa Murthy’s claims that Jana Sena held secret meetings with a community leaders.

Recently, Mahaa news Murthy resigned from his news channel. Apparently, he conducted sting operation on Jana Sena and reported that Pawan is collecting party fund from his community leaders. Pawan Kalyan asked the reporters to conduct sting operation on rowdy MLAs in Eluru districts.

Fans and followers complained to Pawan that ruling party goons have removed his flexis and threatened them. Pawan in his emotional style warned goons that he and his Jana Sainiks will not competl to such bullies but will chase them away.



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