Pawan Kalyan out for 99!

As known, Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena got its hand on news channel 99TV to promote party’s idealogy and curtail negative propaganda of rival party news channels. Former IAS Officer Thota Chandra Sekhar funded Jana Sena in taking over 99TV through his Aditya Group of Industries.

The channel was originally owned by CPI party sympathisers. 99TV has been endorsing Jana Sena and Pawan’s Porata Yatra vigorously. On the other day, at a rally Pawan was seen asking TV9 reporter to take backseat giving way to 99TV reporters.

However, it is learnt that Pawan Kalyan wants to withdraw his partnership from 99TV. According to reports, Thota Chandrasekhar asked Pawan to look for additional investors as he alone cannot manage the funds to run the channel. Apparently, Pawan failed to woo investers to fund the channel. So, he may have to let it go.


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