Pawan Kalyan made his heroine cry?


Power Star Pawan Kalyan has been facing severe criticism from rival parties regarding his multiple marriages. Actresses Sri Reddy and Poonam Kaur has made serious allegations against him.

Meanwhile, one of his heroine is both angry with him at the same time all praises for him. She’s none other than his first film co-star Supriya who recently made reentry with Goodachari.

Overwhelmed with success of the spy thriller, Supriya recollected some interesting behind the scene moments while acting with Pawan Kalyan in Akkada Abbayi Ikkada Ammayi.

Supriya said that she use to fight with Pawan during shooting. Supriya said she wasn’t interested to become a heroine but destiny brought her the role.

”He used to wear goggles that I couldn’t see his expression, so I had to take several takes to complete a scene. We used to quarrel a lot on this,” said she.

Supriya said that she cried to see the pain Pawan Kalyan underwent as cars passed by his hands in one of the famous stunts scene.


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