Pawan Kalyan lauds KTR, Criticizes Lokesh

Pawan Kalyan hoisted tricolor flag at his Jana Sena Party office in Prashashan Nagar in Hyderabad on the occasion of Independence Day.

Later speaking to his party members and media, Pawan said that leaders of any party who indulge in corruption, who cannot safeguard children and women will be considered as enemies by Jana Sena.

He adviced youth not to fall prey for pub culture and bike racing but to take inspiration from Bhagath Singh.

pawan kalyan flag hoisting

“I don’t have interest in accumulating thousands of crores and bring my scion to politics, ” said he. Pawan criticized Lokesh once again calling him a amateur in politics.

“Lokesh should take inspiration from his grandfather NTR who strived to become CM at the age of 60. KTR too had struggled for separate Telangana and won election with people’s mandate,” said he.

Pawan further added that Jana Sena will contest in few areas from Telangana as he had immense respect towards the state and its people.


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