Pawan Kalyan Hugging Village Lady Viral Video

YS Jagan criticized Pawan Kalyan for his three marriages. YSRCP leader said that Pawan doesn’t respect the marriage tradition. Janasena chief retorted warning Jagan to refrain from making personal attack involving his family women.


YSRCP sympathisers have been circulating a video of Pawan Kalyan in which he is seen hugging a village woman. The poor lady seems to share her grief with Janasena leader. He appears to console her by hugging and towards the end he rests his arms on her shoulders. The video is said to be on the occasion of Janasena Tarangam.

Netizens mostly his rivals slammed Pawan alleging him to be a womanizer. “Is this what your mother taught you?” asked a twitterati. Janasena followers reaction to this is yet to come.


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