One More Fake Call in Biggboss House

Is Biggboss house losing credibility day by day? This is what the audiences are feeling watching the recent episodes of the show. In the weekend episode, there are rumours on a fan calling segment. Most of them felt it as a fake call to encourage contestants. However, in today’s task, there seems to be another fake call in the show.

The winner of the Fully Charged up task gets a phone call from the audience. The Twilight Blue team (Tanish, Kaushal, Samrat, Roll Rida) bagged the chance. The caller Shruthi has talked to Sam, Tanish bond and Roll, Amit bond and Kaushal game and mentioned her likes in the show.

Nani Bigg Boss

The reasons for calling it Shruthi a fake caller is because Tanish mentions her area Vizag even before she mentions it. She recognises contestants before they even mention who they are! These reasons might be silly but we never know what happens in a reality show. Maybe few bits might have gone in editing like Tanish saying Vizag beforehand.


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