Objections over installing Pranay Statue

The gruesome murder Pranay in Miryalaguda triggered protests against honour killing in the name of caste. Pranay’s wife Amrutha demanded that his statue to be installed in Miryalaguda. “Pranay is fearleass. He sacrificed his life for love. His statue has to be ereceted on his memory. It will be eyeopener for all those who indulge in caste crimes,” said Amrutha. Meanwhile, works on installing Pranay’s statue has already began.

pranay statue

A section of people have been objecting in erecting Pranay’s statue. “What message would Pranay’s statue give to youth. He discontinued graduation with 23 backlogs. He loved a girl at tender age of ninth class. He eloped with her and married against parents wish and impregnated her. Is this what is inspirational of him,” asked a community activist on social media. They have warned of dire consequences if Pranay’s statue is installed.



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