Naga Babu Clarifies Who is Balakrishna

Naga Babu who is facing criticism on saying he doesn’t know who is Balakrishna in a recent interview gave clarification to the audience in a special video released. “I am was sorry for calling who is Balakrishna, every film personality will know Balakrishna as he is a famous comedian. To know more about him one can refer to Valluri Balakrishna wiki page,” said Naga Babu in the video.

Naga Babu Clarifies on who is balakrishna
Naga Babu Clarifies on who is balakrishna

The actor and producer making the situation even complicated as Nandamuri Balakrishna fans are already bursting on him for his silly behaviour. Is Naga Babu intentionally doing this is the big question in the industry as well as fans? Is this going to affect Pawan Kalyan.


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