Mohan Babu Dialogues Become Talk of the Town

Mohan Babu

Collection King Mohan Babu’s comments on contemporary politics and politicians are going viral in the social media. He interacted with media as part of his upcoming movie ‘Gayatri’ promotions and added that dialogues from the movie are going to be very powerful.

BComlo Physics chadivina MLAlu, Pramanasweekaramlo Sarvabhowma Analeka Bowbow Anna MPlu Manalni Paalisthunnaru” and “Raastra pakshi teliyadu inko cabinet Minister ki,” these particular dialogues have now become the talk of the town and it is an indirect dig on the ruling party politicians of Andhra Pradesh state.

However, we not sure whether the censor board has muted the dialogues as they appear to be provocative. Let’s wait for the release, ‘Gayatri’ is hitting the screens on February 9th.


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