Mixed reaction on Balakrishna speech at ASVR event


It was a grand feast for Nandamuri fans on Sunday evening. Its an emotional moment as Balakrishna put his hands over NTR and Kalyanram, the brothers in distress after Harikrishna’s passing away. Everyone including NTR and Trivikram have limited their speech to few minutes to give space to Babai.

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Balayya as usual delivered his style lengthy speech that received mixed reactions from netizens. Memes started floating in social media within no time. Balakrishna’s Shayari praising Pooja Hegde is one of the highlights. He also mouthed rhymes like ‘Nannu Nenannugani Ninnu Nenenannnana…”

As fans have been waiting for NBK to talk about NTR, he did it in brief. “Tarak and I do larger than life films that our fans expect from us,” said he. Interestingly, both NTR and Balayya concluded their speeches with the slogan ‘Johar Harikrishna..Jai Harikrishna’


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