Mersal Dialogues Fact Checked By Party Men!

Mersal has not just rocked box-office by collecting 100 crore so far but the movie also has stirred a storm in political circles. The controversial dialogues on GST and digital India kicked-off nationwide debate. While general public are divided in their opinions over the dialogues, BJP has been attacking Mersal. The party leaders argued that the dialogues in the film are false.

Mersal Dialogues Fact Checked By Party Men!

In the climax, Vijay says that Singapore has free medical policy despite of charging only 7% GST. Further he questions government why alcohol hasn’t been covered under GST. BJP defenders said Vijay made false claims. They said that 97% of Singaporeans pay income tax while only 2% of Indian population pays taxes. BJP leader reminded that Vijay came under scanner in 2015 for tax evasion. Moreover he stated that Singapore’s population is half that of Mumbai.

On liquor not included in GST, it is being said that taxes levied on alcohol is 50-60%, if it is brought under GST taxes would reduce to 28% which is not at all advisable. They further reminded that GST has different slabs and 70% of the taxes come under the slab of 12% contrast to what Vijay mentions that GST is highest in India at 28%. God only knows who is right!

Mersal is yet to release in Telugu. Titled Adhirindhi, the Telugu dubbed version is presented by Sharrath Marar. The film is yet to clear censors.

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