Mahaa Murthy slams Pawan Kalyan

Mahaa news reporter Murthy has resigned from Mahaa news channel. Mahaa news Murthy vanished from limelight after he relayed a sting operation on Pawan Kalyan. Murthy reported that Jana Sena chief held secret meetings with his community leaders at Kakatiya hote.

Murthy tried to expose that Janasena party has been collecting funds from community biggies. After being threatened, Murthy went underground. However, he appeared on youtube and gave clarification. He denied rumours that he’s absconding. Murthy confirmed that he resigned from Mahaa. He claims that management asked him to stop the program against Jana Sena and Pawan Kalyan. Murthy also revealed that Pawan kalyan followers are trolling and threatening him.

Murthy says that he admires Pawan Kalyan. The reporter played significant role in sorting the issues between Kathi Mahehs and Pawan fans. “I suddenly become villain to Pawan fans for questioning Janasena’s determination in casteless politics as Pawan claims so,” said he.

“Why was media not invited for Pawan’s secret meeting with community leaders. Even his own news channel 99TV also didn’t air it,” questioned Murthy.

Video courtesy: iFrames



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