Lakshmi Manchu daughter’s phone call going viral

Lakshmi Manchu’s daughter Vidya Nirvana turned a Radio Jockey at Red FM 93.5 for a day on the occasion of Children’s Day. The Manchu li’l princess cute conversation enthralled the listeners.

Nivi surprised her grandpa Mohan Babu making him a call. Just like her mom, she too has that sweet slang. She said ‘Bhanunnanu’ when Mohan Babu asked her how she was. He corrected her Telugu as always. Lakshmi is seen cheering her with her antics.

The cute conversation is going viral. Twitterati made some interesting comments. Most of them identified her slang to Lakshmi Manchu’s. One of them read Nivi would be future Manchu Akka J



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