KTR criticizes ‘Pappu’ and ‘Diggy’!


Congress has launched scathing attack on KCR and TRS party after assembly dissolution. On the other day, KCR criticized Rahul Gandhi that he’s not fit to be PM candidate. Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh condemned KCR’s comments.

“I strongly condemn statement of KCR against Rahul ji. What an ungrateful man! Telengana was given by Congress against all odds and this man uses abusive language against Congress President. Shame on you KCR. People of Telengana should punish you for being so ungrateful,” tweeted Diggy.

KTR retorted in a strong manner in a tweet reply.. “Firstly, learn to spell “Telangana” sir. Secondly, Telangana was not “given” by Congress. You seem to think it was your “Jaagir” & the people slaves of your Delhi sultanath. The people’s movement led by KCR Ji conferred a compulsion to which your party had to yield.”[sic]


On the other hand, TPCC chief Uttam Kumar made personal attack on KTR saying he’s an upstart leader who washed dishes in USA. KTR reacted in his witty style to this. He called Rahul Gandhi a ‘Pappu’ in his whiplashing tweet.

“Dear @UttamTPCC Garu, I may have washed dishes in my home in the US (which by the way is what every Indian in US does in their own homes). I am proud that I’ve worked & earned a decent living on my own unlike your Pappu. Unlike you I didn’t loot people’s money & burn it in my car,” wrote he.

KTR also shared a pic where Uttam Kumar’s car is dumped with stashes of currency.



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