KGF Full Movie Review and Rating

KGF Full Movie Review

KGF Story:

The story is set in 1980s and is narrated by a journalist. Rocky (Yash) is  a rebellious boy who turns a thug as he grows up. He dreams of becoming rich and powerful. He lands in Kolar Gold mines from Bombay. He resorts to illegal means and violence to gain power. He bashes local goons and gets hold of mines. His mother disowns him for his activities. He falls in love with a rich girl (Srinidhi Shetty) and rivals find it his weakness. Rocky had to fight his opponents as they attack and escape cops as they chase him. He also had to safeguard his love.

KGF Review:

KGF, the film chronicles through a man’s ambitious journey of life to conquer money, power and love. Engaging screenplay is the main asset of the film. Non-linear narration keeps the viewers hooked.

First half moves at decent pace with intro scenes and establishment of characters. Rocky’s character design is the highlight of the film. His attitude and mindgame that he plays is the key to the story. Film picks up pace in second half with racy action episodes and impactful mass moments. Mining mafia of KGF is well portrayed.

The retro ambience is beautifully set up through periodic production design and costumes.  Interesting confrontational scenes will raise whistles and hooters from front rows. Romance and sentiment takes driving seat in pre-climax. The film goes back and forth from 1951 to 2018, thereby evoking curiosity. The film ends on cliff hanger climax as its titled as KGF Chapter1 and intended to make audience wait for chapter 2.


Yash is terrific as rugged young man. He speaks volumes through his devil may care attitude and body language. Srinidhi Shetty adds glamour to rather dry and raw film. Tamannaah’s item song adds spice.


KGF is rich in production values. Cinematography is top notch. Art direction needs special mention for recreating old Bangalore and mines. Sharp and striking dialogues add to the character style. Music elevates mood and compliments the stunning  visuals.

Bottom-line: KGF – Madmax like mighty and menacing Epic

Cast: Yash, Srinidhi Shetty

Director: Prashanth Neel

Producer: Vijay Kirgandur

Music : Ravi Basrur, Tanishk Bagchi

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