KCR Trolled for ‘BComlo Physics’ like Claim

TDP MLA Jaleel Khan overnight star on social media with his claim that he studied Physics in BCom. Now, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is being trolled for similar claims. KCR is known for his hard-hitting speeches.

An old video of KCR’s speech in which he made weird statement is going viral on internet. It was at condolence meeting of demise of former Union minister G Venkataswamy, KCR said that he studied MSc in Political Science.

There is nothing like political science subject with Masters in Science. Opposition got handy of the video are circulating it vigorously  on social media. KCR is facing severe criticism for his claims. KCR’s election affidavit and google shows that he studied MA (Telugu).

Earlier, KCR said that he read 80,000 books which is highly impossible. KCR should refrain from making such tall claims and face embarassment, feel friends and foes.



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