Kaushal surprises Bigg Boss with his grace


Bigg Boss 2 Telugu grand finale will be held on September 23rd. Contestants are on their marks already. Viewers are waiting fingers crossed for this week’s elimination as Kaushal, Roll Rida, Geetha, Amit and Deepthi are nominated. Samrat and Tanish are lucky chaps as they already listed for finals.

All eyes are set on Kaushal who is favorite amongst contestants and has been getting massive number of votes. On Saturday, Nani tried to corner Kaushal by questioning him for using abusive language towards Roll Rida in a previous episode. Nani also grilled Kaushal for not properly guiding inmates in captaincy task with colored water glasses.

Kaushal Army feels that some conspiracy is going on against Kaushal. His supporters allege that Bigg Boss is testing Kaushal’s patience. Further they also are pointing out the bigotry of the show in not allowing Kaushal to play any tasks in last week citing every week nomination for elimination as the reason. Kaushal is the one who has been most obedient following the rules to a T and also has been vigilant of other contestants from violating rules of the game framed by Bigg Boss.

Besides being subjected to injustice and humiliation, Kaushal maintained decorum without losing his control. Well, that’s what makes him a winner with the huge fan base that he amassed.

kaushal bigg boss


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