Kaushal Army gives Tight Slap to Radhakrishna

Kaushal and his wife Neelima was interviewed by ABN MD Radha Krishna in open heart with RK. The promo of Kaushal’s open heart with RK itself is going viral. The full interview will be aired on Sunday. Radha Krishna asked some weird questions to provoke Kaushal and Neelima. As usual, Kaushal replied to them maintaining his calm and cool. Radhakrishna made a blunt statement that Kaushal Army is trash.

“Why are fans named as army. Is it to attack other housemates?” asked he. Kaushal said that its other way round, all the other housemates singled him out and attacked. As he became one man army in the Biggboss house, those who admired his honesty formed army outside, said the title winner. Radhakrishna stooped a level asking if Kaushal was a playboy that he held a co-contestant girl’s hand in the house.

kaushal neelima open heart with rk

“Contestants who came out early pointed fingers at Kaushal’s behavior. Some of them even said god only knows how Neelima is baring with him,” said Radhakrishna.

Neelima intervened and said,”He being a model doesn’t have to get into Biggboss house to hold a girl’s hand. He disclosed all his affairs before we got married.” Kaushal said that none of the contestants have called him after coming home winning the title.

Radhakrishna questioned,”when there are only 10 crore people in Telugu states. How could Kaushal get 40 crore votes.” Probably he is not aware that each one can vote upto 50 votes. The Bigg Boss 2 rules allow you to cast a maximum of 50 votes from one email address. So, just 8lakh fans if cast 50 votes each, it would become 40 crores. How a senior reporter as Radhakrishna could missed so simple logic.

It is not fair of him to pose such silly questions without having any clue about the game show, feel fans. Further to garner TRPs, Radhakrishna raised PAWAN KALYAN’s topic that his previous film Agnyaathavaasi got flopped despite having huge fan base, inferring that Kaushal army too may not help Kaushal in becoming a star.

Of course, for those who resort to yellow journalism just for the sake of TRPs and vested interests, they would never understand what it is like having real fans who walk behind in support of a true leader, opine army folks.



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