Kaushal following is just Mind-blowing!

Kaushal’s skyrocketing craze and fan following is reiterated with his Anantapur and Kurnool success meets. Fans rallied on bikes as Kaushal cheered them through his car top. Massive number of fans including ladies attended the success meet. It is tight slap on those who said that Kaushal army will be dissolved once Biggboss 2 is over.

Kaushal thanked the fans for showering so much of love on him. As known, Kaushal Army formed into Kaushal Army Foundation. They have been doing social activities. Kaushal Army Foundation has been raising funds and donating for Srikakulam Titli Cyclone victims. Kaushal vowed to build Kaushal Army Foundation into No.1 NGO in India. As known, the BiggBoss 2 winner donated his prize money for women suffering with cancer.


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