Kaushal Army To Grow Bigger says, Actor

Biggboss winner Kaushal has got a huge fan base from Telugu audience. Kaushal Army is going strong day by day and Kaushal is happy about the fans enthusiasm. The actor has attended a Charity program lately and shared an interesting project.

kaushal felicitation manam saitham puri jagannadh kadambari kiran
Kaushal Manda who donated Biggboss title Prize money to Cancer Foundation is expanding his charity works by joining hands with Memu Saitham team. “Kaushal army and Memu Saitham will jointly associate for the social welfare of the society and will indulge in charity works and social service, said Kaushal.” The actor has donated 25 thousand for Memu Saitham team. The Kaushal Army will grow bigger day by day once it gets a start.


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