Kaushal army hungama at BiggBoss house


The wide spread of Kaushal army on social media is leaving everyone awe-struck.Kaushal army celebrated Kaushal’s daughter Lalli’s birthday grandly. Kaushal army burst firecrackers outside Bigg Boss house at Annapurna Studios on Wednesday night. Kaushal army conducted 2k walk in Hyderabad and Vijayawada. Thousands participated in these rallies including kids and families.

With unparalleled fan following, Kaushal is already a winner, feel many. Those who envy the love and affection being showered on him, be it contestants or outsiders are seen targeting Kaushal provoking and troubling him.

On the other day, Tanish, Samrat and Roll Rida attacked Kaushal as he lost his temper and used the word ‘Kukkalu’. As Biggboss 2 is coming to conclusion, the show is getting intense. Nani too is confused and refraining from pulling the leg of Kaushal anymore fearing the flak of Kaushal fans.

The growing Kaushal army warns to boycott Bigg Boss show if Kaushal is not made winner as he deserves it the most with his calm and composed behavior. Other contestants playing tricks and artificial acting is clearly visible to viewers.



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