Kathi Mahesh and Kona Venkat argue over SILENCE

Controversial film critic Kathi Mahesh is back with his usual thing post the Sankranthi festival. He took it on his official Twitter handle and asked writer Kona Venkat what to do now. Before the festival, writer Kona Venkat had asked Kathi Mahesh and PK fans to maintain peace till January 15th. Accordingly Kathi Mahesh restricted himself from making aggressive comments on Pawan Kalyan but continued his review work on Agnyaathavaasi.

The date passed, Kathi Mahesh questioned what he should do now as Pawan Kalyan fans reached his home in Pileru and meet his family members as well. To this Kona replied that despite requesting to be away from this issue, Kathi continued his Twitter rant. However, Mahesh argued that he was well within his limits during the festival season.


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