Is Pawan a 6-pack hero to criticize Jagan & Lokesh?

Pawan Kalyan had launched his Jana Sena Party to question governments on behalf of public. He has been fighting for various issues faced by people like Uddanam kidney problem and got appreciated for it. Pawan is set to contest in 2019 elections and has been vigorously campaigning throughout AP.

However, the actor turned politician claims that he is not into politics for any positions but to strive for welfare of people. Pawan often criticizes YS Jagan for saying that he will solve their problems once he becomes CM. When his fans and followers shout slogans CM Pawan Kalyan, he asks them not to do so.

On Monday, Pawan held Janasena Kavathu, a grand marathon rally at Dowaleswaram barrage. Large number of followers attended the event. Jabardasth comedian Hyper Aadi who attended the meet appealed to people to vote for Pawan Kalyan and asked them to make him CM for state’s well being.

On an extended meeting on Tuesday, Pawan is seen asking his fans and followers to howl ‘CM…CM’ came as a shocker. Rival party folks are questioning Pawan’s hypocrisy in doing so. Actress Sri Reddy who leaves no stone unturned to throw potshots at Pawan, shared the video.

On the other hand, TDP leaders slammed Pawan for mocking at Lokesh on heriditary politics. “Did Pawan have six-pack or body-language suitable to becoma a hero? Had he not been Chiranjeevi’s brother, would he ever become a hero?,” asked Anuradha in a TV debate earlier. Check the viral video on political groups.



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