Hyper Aadi Targets Kathi Mahesh

Attention seeker Kathi Mahesh was banished from Hyderabad for six months over his controversial statements on Lord Ram and Sita. This issue was settled and everyone has forgotten Kathi Mahesh except for one.

Jabardasth comedian Hyder Adhi is once again targetting Kathi. The comedian is known for punch dialogues in the skit. Being a big fan of Pawan Kalyan he will be in first place to show his fanism.

In his latest skit, he was addressing Kathi Mahesh indirectly with his theme. In the skit, Raising Raju was given a character who spoils the situation with his irrational thinking and gets banishment from the Village resembling controversy Kathi Mahesh. Raising Raju’s  dialogue that comes in the end is giving intensity to the scene. He says,”Ramchandra Puram vellipona Bengaluru vellipona”.

Will this be an issue with Kathi Mahesh? Will he react to this like he did earlier? We have to wait to see.



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