Geetha Madhuri warning to Kaushal Army

Geetha Madhuri is being pro active in the show these days. She is actively taking sides and stating her point.

The singer is very close to kaushal at a point, but there releation is turning bitter day by day. Shyamala and Nutan re-entry has brought a huge difference in the game show as every contestant has got to know about the fan groups. In today’s episode, while kaushal kept allegations on house mates of taking a nap, Geetha Madhuri responded to his allegations.

She addressed, don’t raise aruguments without knowing facts and is he hinting this to audience against us? Don’t take advantage of every situation and raise aruguments! She also said kaushal uses every aspect in the game to his benefit and change the situations to his advantage in the previous episodes as well. In today’s episode it seems like she gave a clear warning to kaushal and co… She said “kaushal, no one will fall for your strategies!” Is that a warning to kaushal army? Is she hinting that in the last two weeks these fan groups won’t make a difference. However, in ticket to finale, geetha, shyamala, tanish, samrat, and Deepthi have got a seat in the car. Let’s see who will make it to finale.


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