Geetha Madhuri Blames Biggboss Show

Biggboss show is over and the contestants are not yet over with their interview sessions, while Kaushal is busy inaugurating stores other contestants are busy with Interviews. The Finalist Geetha also has talked about the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 show organisation and its flaws. Singer Geetha Madhuri who gave an interview to print media blamed Biggboss editor for showing her in a bad light.

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Geetha madhuri blames biggboss show

She said,” In 24 hours the content is chopped for 90 minutes and in the process,
They haven’t shown the footage where I’m talking to a particular contestant, but they have shown when I’m speaking about that with others housemates, which was like I entertain backbiting and gave negative vibes around me.” Geetha Madhuri was the second finalist in the Biggboss season 2 Telugu.

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