Geetha Gets A fake Call in Biggboss

Did Geetha get a fake call on Biggboss show? This question raised by the audience of Biggboss after watching the caller (Lakshmi) speaking to Geetha. From the audience, one lucky caller gets a chance to speak to housemates every week.

Kaushal, Tanish, and Geetha had got the calls in the previous week. To a great shock, Geetha has got a second chance to talk to the audience. The caller Lakshmi has shared information to her and mentioned about Geetha army and wished her to win the title to represent ladies.

geetha gets a fake call
geetha gets a fake call

This call is resembling the caller(Shekar) who talked Kaushal and shared information of Kaushal army. A group of people feels it as a fake caller as the information shared is same as Shekar in the previous week.

Coming to the elimination there is no dual elimination in this week. There were rumours of Triple elimination as well as Dual elimination has taken place in the last week.


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