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Gayatri full movie review featuring Mohan Babu and Nikhila Vimal in the lead roles, is here. Directed by Madan, the film also has Vishnu Manchu and Shriya Saran in special roles. SS Thaman has composed music for this action thriller and after very long time, Mohan Babu is seen in a negative role. Here it goes!

Cast: Mohan Babu, Nikhila Vimal, Vishnu Manchu, Shriya Saran, Anasuya Bharadwaj

Director: Madan

Music: SS Thaman

Producer: Dr Mohan Babu

Banner: Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures

Gayatri Story:

Shresta (Anasuya) narrates flashback of Sivaji (Mohan Babu) a good Samaritan actor. He is in search of his estranged daughter, Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal) who is a medico trying for a US visa for higher studies. Sivaji also bashes goons when someone is in trouble. Saradha (Shriya Saran) is his late wife. Sivaji is used by big shots to go to jail in their place. Donning mask and makeup like them and mimicking. He’s offered money for that.

One day he goes to jail in place of minister (Prudhviraj) in a case. Shresta gets a doubt and starts investigating. Sivaji dodges Shresta as he releases from jail. Sreshta keeps chasing Sivaji. He often accidentally meets his daughter name Sruthi (Nikhila) but both don’t know each other. Sivaji saves Sruthi as goons attack her. Sivaji learns that Sruthi is his daughter as he finds Saradha’s pic in her mobile. He decides to stop all illegal activities like swapping for criminals. Sivaji tries to meet her at college convocation. But from dais in her speech she says her dad is drunkard sold her in childhood and hates him. Sivaji is left heart wrench.

Post interval is the flashback episode. Romance blossoms between young Sivaji (Vishnu) and Saradha (Shriya). All told in a heartwarming song well made with lovely family montages. However, Saradha suffers with pelvic cancer. Sivaji starts going to jail in place of others to raise funds for her treatment. But he releases late from jail. Saradha dies delivering baby. Sivaji drunkard friend, Giri tries to sell her but orphanage people rescue her. Giri dies revealing Sivaji that his daughter is alive.

Sruthi learns her dad is good and comes to meet him. But Sivaji gets kidnapped by Gayatri Patel who is a media baron. The menacing look and hard-hitting dialogues in his trademark style are too good to watch. He wants Sivaji to go to jail in his place. Gayatri Patel warns if Sivaji doesn’t do and threatens to kill all orphanage kids.

The rest of the story is how Sivaji and Gayatri reunite.

Gayatri Review:

First of the film introduces the key characters of the movie. It’s tight and gripping. Mohan Babu style, mannerism and dialogues are top notch. The narration is interesting and novel. The interval bang is also neat. The second half is crisp and clear. The flashback episode is in this, is very beautiful. Chemistry between Vishnu and Shriya is just magic. The song ‘Oka Nuvvu Oka Nenu’ is the biggest highlight.

Followed by intelligent mind-games between Sivaji and Gayatri Patel keep the audience hooked to the screens. Surprising twist towards pre-climax and followed by an amazing climax. Overall nice blend of emotions, thrills, sentiment drama, action and entertainment.


Mohan Babu comes up with a brilliant performance. Dialogues are very powerful and political oriented ones are witty. The biggest strength of the movie is dialogues. Coming to Mohan Babu, his energy levels are out of the box and dances quite in the ‘Jai Hanuma‘ song. He also performs high octane action sequences which are superbly composed by Kanal Kannan master. However, the negative role is what steals the show.

Vishnu comes up with subtle expression and is at his best. Shriya does a decent job while Nikhila and Anasuya are okay in the roles. Posani Krishna Murali and Satyam provide few laughs.

Bottom-Line: Collection King is back with a bang!


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