Famous Astrologer’s Prediction on Kaushal


Popular astrologer Venu Swamy made shocking prediction on Bigg Boss 2 Contestant Kaushal Manda. Venu Swamy is famous on social media for having made predictions earlier on Baahubali, Rajamouli, Pawan Kalyan, Chandrababu Naidu and other celebs. Latest, Venu Swamy foresees Kaushal’s future. Venu Swamy said he’s awe-stuck by amazing following Kaushal has earned in short span.

kaushal venu swamy

“I am inspired by Kaushal. He is way ahead of other contestants in the Bigg Boss house. The way he plays tasks systematically is amazing. I am surprised by the way people are loving him and the way Kaushal army is rising. I studied his horoscope having been amazed by his growing popularity. I am sorry to say that he will be deceived by inmates. Kaushal will be cheated and somebody else will be made the winner,” said Venu Swamy.

However, the astrologer appealed viewers to vote for Kaushal as he deserves to be the winner.


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