Eliminated Shyamala Shocking comments on Kaushal

Bigg Boss Telugu season two is left with only two weeks. In this week elimination Shayamala is evicted as expected. Eliminated Shayamala has made an interesting statement while walking out of the show. Host Nani proposed a question asking Who will be in the top three, her reply was Geetha, Tanish, and Roll Rida.

shayamala about top 3 contestantsshayamala about top 3 contestants.

This statement has shocked Nani as well audience as she didn’t mention Kaushal name. In the entire Biggboss season, Shyamala knows, Kaushal has got a huge fan base and he gets the highest number of votes in every elimination. Did Shyamala say that on purpose or is she hinting that Kaushal will not be the winner


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