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Disappointing romantic drama
Rating: 1.5/5

Cast: Aashish Raj Bidkikar, Diksha Panth, Simran Sharma, Kyra Dutt

Director: RV Subrahmanyam

Music: Sai Kartheek

Producers: K R Vijay Karan, K R Kaushal Karan, K R Anil Karan

DOP: Prasad GK

Editor: Shiva Y Prasad


Gopi (Aashish Raj) is a carefree youth living in Amalapuram. He keeps teasing Indu (Simran) from his neighbour. One fine day, Gopi insults Indu badly. Deeply hurt Indu agrees to marry a doctor. Gopi challenges to marry a better girl and leaves to Hyderabad in search. But eventually Gopi feels like missing Indu. She too feels the same way. Both of them fall in love. Can they come together has to be watched on the big screen.

Ego Review:


Ego is a romantic drama with lethargic narration. First half is okay with some funny scenes. Thanks to Prudhvi. Too many flashbacks makes it terrible. Romantic chemistry between lead pair is poor. They falling in love is not at all convincingly shown. Suspense keeps second half somewhat interesting. From pre-climax film tests patience. Emotional drama is another burden. Some silly scenes could be chopped off.


Hero Aashish Raj is okay with looks but he has to improve on expression and dialogue delivery. Simran is cute and apt as village belle. Deeksha Seth is good. Prudhvi gives comic relief.  Rao Ramesh is decent in his regular role.

Technical Aspects:

Background music is okay but songs are hurdles in story. Cinematography is good at capturing rural beauty. Some witty dialogues evoke laugh. Production values are pretty decent. Director Subramanyam disappoints to core with his amateur making.

Bottom Line : Disappointing romantic drama



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