Deverakonda Opens Up on NTR fans Trolling

Vijay Deverakonda is the most happening hero in Tamil and Telugu film industry. The Young Tiger fans have trolled him over a tweet where the hero has conducted a poll on when to release the NOTA movie. In one of the option he mentioned Oct 10th and NTR fans have trolled him for giving a date where “Aravinda Sametha” was making its way.

vijay deverakonda nota release date

Giving clarity to the trolls Vijay said, “I have no intention to release NOTA with Tarak’s “Aravinda Sametha”. The reason for conducting a poll is the movie team is in dilemma on when to release the movie, so I took the audience opinion to release the movie.”

The Tamil and Telugu bilingual movie NOTA is releasing on Oct 5th worldwide. Mehreen is the film’s leading lady who is playing a Journo.


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