Daaamn British Airways, slams Vishnu Manchu

Vishnu Manchu is a avid traveller. He has flown to Venice, Italy enroute London through British Airways on Monday. Vishnu’s tryst with the airlines continues. They seem to have left his luggage in London itself. Vishnu vented out his frustration over British Airways in his daaamn style.

Daaamn British Airways, slams Vishnu Manchu

Earlier, he shared that his flight got delayed and had to wait hours together in airport itself. Vishnu took to his twitter and hurled some cuss words at British Airways. His handle followers shared his frustration with funny comments. One of them read,”Hey @British_Airways if u troubles our manchu anna only ones @British_Airways fassak! Our fans faasks your airways.”

In their prompt response British Airways team replied,”We appreciate why you’re frustrated, Vishnu. Unfortunately, these things do happen and it’s not always clear what the cause is. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience but our lovely Baggage team will have your bag delivered. straight to your address as soon as possible. Can I confirm you’ve been given a World Tracer reference?”[sic]

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