Can Mega Bro match upto Mohan Babu ?

Mohan Babu gave a mesmerizing performance as SV Rangarao in Mahanati. Film buffs felt that the versatile actor is apt choice of filmmakers for the role of legendary yesteryear actor.

The Mayabazar episode in Mahanati with Mohan Babu’s screen presence and dialogue delivery is one of the reasons for the film’s grand success. Now that NTR’s biopic is being made by Balakrishna and Krish, the film will also feature SVR in it. As per latest update, Mega brother Naga Babu has been roped in to reprise SVR in this biopic.

Apparently, makers don’t want to keep any similarities with Mahanati so opted for Naga Babu. But will the mega brother match upto what Mohan Babu had done, doubt Film Nagar folks. Moreover, Naga Babu has got issues with his voice and it had to be dubbed by any voiceover artiste which will also spoil the originality of the character.

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