Brahmanandam had No Clue About Manu

Brahmanandam Son Raja Goutham,who was launched with high profile involving big names like K Raghavendra and MM Keeravani with the movie “Pallakilo Pellikoothuru” remained a average hit at the box-office. He later came with below average hit movies like ‘Vaareva’, and ‘Basanthi’. Now he is coming with an intriguing movie concept with short film director PhanindraNarsetti.

raja goutham brahmanandam manu
raja goutham brahmanandam manu

Manu is releasing on 7th September worldwide. The actors Chandini Chowdary and Raja Goutham are promoting movie widely and shared their views. The Hero of Manu Raja Goutham has given a special interview and shared his experience and how everything fell in place for Manu.

How did Manu Happen?

A year after Basanthi, have watched many short films and did listen to many scripts. ‘Madhuram’ and ‘Backspace’ are the ones I liked very much. I met PhanindraNarsetti in a coffee shop. He narrated Manu story-line and I was highly impressed by it.

Who are the producers for the film Manu?

After consulting many producers, director Phanindra went ahead with crowd-funded concept. We got huge amount in just four days and very responsibly we made Manu as we did not want to waste a single penny. 

Manu brahmanandam raja goutham
Manu brahmanandam raja goutham

Brahmanandam watched the movie?

It’s a three and half years of hard work and my father (Brahmanandam) had no clue about Manu. He did not watch the movie yet.
We see many concept based movies these days what is your take on it?

If films like Manu are encouraged by the audience, then definitely many independent filmmakers and new concepts will come in the near future 


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