Biggboss2: Kaushal Army Rally in Hyderabad


Bigg Boss 2 contestant Kaushal has turned a TV Pawan Kalyan with his mind-blowing fan following. Kaushal Army, his sena has become a social media stunami. Here’s the answer for all those who have been criticizing that Kaushal Army is only limited to social media and only digital bots. Kaushal supporters at large held a rally at Madhapur on Sunday.

Fans of different ages from 6 to 60 year olds have turned up in support of Kaushal. All of them wearing T-shirts sporting Kushal’s image. It gave impression of some political campaign or a star hero fans hungama at audio event with slogans in support of Kaushal. They all walked and rallied for 2k km. Amazing isn’t it! No Bigg Boss contestant be it Hindi or Tamil shows have got so much of following in real. Kudos Kaushal!

Kaushal army madhapur rally



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